A Beautiful Journey

When I started writing Stardom Happens I had no idea where this journey would take me.  Now that the book is about to be launched I am amazed at the experiences I’ve had.  I’ve met the kindest people with incredible knowledge of the book publishing world who have gone overboard to help me learn. I’ve made wonderful fellow author friends willing to share their information and input.  Old faithful friends have given me moral support when it all seemed too much at times.  And most important, I have bonded with my son and my daughter in a way never dreamed of when this journey started. Taran so willingly gave his comments and offered to help with publicity and my wonderful Aria became my professional editor. Even my husband, David, threw in some creative ideas.  I am so thankful for it all.

Stardom Happens can be pre-ordered in several stores now and will be available on April 14th. And they tell me I will get my author copies in a few weeks.  A long and beautiful, much appreciated journey.

Looking forward to the continuation ahead.

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