What an Incredible Week!

We just had an amazing week preparing for and launching the book. So much work and so much fun. Our publicist, Kathy Johnson, really did a stupendous job getting the word out to people. We launched the book on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning it was #5 in family activities, #7 in acting and auditioning on kindle and #15 in books. Technically this puts us in the “best selling author” category. What an amazing feeling. I want to thank all our friends for supporting us and for sending in those wonderful reviews. You helped us have a very successful launch and we are forever grateful.  And for those who just got the book, please send in a review on Amazon.  It will help us keep the momentum going.

Now we get to move on to the super fun stuff.  Two Barnes and Noble meet and greet book signings coming up. The first one is April 25th in the Blossom Hill Barnes and Noble in San Jose. Taran and I will be there from 1 to 4 and possibly longer. The second one is in our home town at the Marin County Barnes and Noble in Corte Madera on May 2nd. This one goes from 1 to 3 or longer. We are really excited to do these signings because this is why we wrote the book. We wanted the opportunity to talk directly to parents about the business. Looks like it’s finally becoming a reality.

Thanks again to everyone.

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