5_starGreat Book!
This book is essential for anyone with a child who loves to perform. It’s part How-To book and part funny memoir, and it’s a fun and easy read. I like how it focuses on keeping your child safe and encouraging them to enjoy giving back and helping others. Well done. - Mr. D Pearson

5_starThis is a very informative read. For anyone new to the business it really helps with the ins and outs of show business. Parents read this book!!!! – Sharon Boucher

5_starRead this before your trip to Hollywood. Having a young daughter who wants to be a star is a scary thing. I had no idea about some of the pitfalls that are out there. This book is so informative. It is great to learn from others experience. Candice does such a good job explaining things. This book helps you to know which questions to ask. A must read for anyone who’s child might want to get in show business. – Kales Dad

5_starWhat an interesting and fun read! I am not looking to get my kids into the “biz” as I have no kids at this point in my life, yet I still found this book to be worth the read. There is more to take away from this book than meets the eye. I also enjoyed the photos scattered throughout. You won’t be disappointed. – M.J. Dougherty

5_starThis was a great family collaboration indeed. A must read for all parents contemplating going into THE BUSINESS! I was also very interested in the retrospective comments made by the former child actor, Taran Noah Smith, now giving an adult perspective to his experiences. This was a great family collaboration indeed! – Fractalgal

5_starThis book gives parents an excellent guide on what to do for a child in show business with emphasis on the needs and concerns of the child. The writer is experienced and provides information on a variety of topics with sensitivity and humor! A very enjoyable read. – Sherry Morez

5_starTerrific Read! I loved Candy’s book. It gives a clear and honest picture of what it’s like having a kid in the business. Hats off to this well-written book! I have ordered copies for two of my friends who are lucky enough to have this problem. – Marilyn Horowitz  Author, “Writing Coach & Script Consultant”

5_starThis book is a “Must Read” for any parent whose child excels in any field… whether in sports, football, soccer, cheerleading, baseball, academia, theater, music…etc….. The early achiever with enormous talent… who has to deal with the responsibility of overwhelming praise from fans…. anything involving recognition (fame)…. especially children who are elevated to star status… and have to eventually deal with the predators less concerned with the genuine talent evident in their artists than their ability to take advantage of the financial gain from the “buzz” these prodigies garner. Taran is, and will always be, a force to be recognized and recognized as a historical voice of our time. – Elizabeth E Morgan

5_starFive Stars! This is a wonderful book. I recommend it highly for anyone with a child who is entering show business. – Wendy Metcalf

5_starGreat Book! Candy gives a great step by step on how to move through the world of entertainment with your child. I highly recommend this book! – Present

This is an excellent read and a treasure for parents interested in supporting a child’s acting career. Working in children’s entertainment for over twenty years, I’ve read just about every book written about kids in showbiz and find this book to be fun, informative and very insightful. I simply love the stories of personal experiences complimented by tidbits of humor and perspective from Taran. I give it a big thumbs up and will highly recommend it to all parents contacting us to help in their child’s acting career. Bravo!
- David Lestrick, President Kids Inc., Hollywood Kids Talent

Candy and Taran have written a wonderful guide for anyone interested in getting their children in show business. A great read with lots of keen insight.
- Shawn Shea, Stage Manager of the TV show “Home Improvement.”

Here is the truth about the experience of youth in television and film. The nuts and bolts of show business told from the heart of actor and family. A wonderful guide for any parent whose child says, after watching Mary Poppins or The Disney Channel, ‘I WANT to do that. –
Diane Hardin, Acting Teacher/Coach. Founder of Young Actor’s Space, LA. Now teaching the Joy of Acting in NYC.